Emily's Dream

First Impressions

Upon seeing the first page of her tour Emily has me excited. It seems like her dream is to show her big titties to the world or at least to tease us with them because I don´t see any naked pictures so I´m not sure if she brings them out entirely. The 30G boobs are impressive and perhaps most of all is the size of the rest of her. She´s relatively slim for a girl with such big tits and the fact that they´re all natural is a marvel. In checking out her tour pictures I was excited to see her in a French maid´s uniform, a princess outfit and several other sexy little sets. That´s going to make the member´s area even more fun.

Hot Promises

First and foremost is the promise of all natural 30G boobs. That´s quite large but it looks like she´s not kidding about the size. Her tits do indeed appear to be huge and I can´t wait to get a closer look at those beauties to see just how luscious and lovely they are. She promises exclusive content, updates every week, high quality images, sexy pictures, access to her personal forum and her email address. The promises implicit in the tour are that she´s a sexy girl with a naughty taste in clothing that will make your browsing experience a thrill.


Cute British amateur Emily welcomes us to the member´s area of Emily´s Dream with an introductory letter, a picture from her most recent update and ads for five of her friend´s sites. They´re not offensive though and the site is good looking and easy to use so you´ll be comfortable as you browse through the goodies. Along the top of the page you´ll find all your options and while there are quite a few the pictures and videos are the only ones that really matter. Everything else is somewhat interesting but in the end it´s just filler.

Emily has produced 40 picture galleries and 38 videos and as far as I can tell that´s the most content you´ll ever see. None of the sets are dated so it´s impossible to know if she updates as often as she claimed or if she doesn´t really update at all. My guess is that she´s still adding at least one new set a week because it´s just after Halloween as I write this and the most recent updates feature her in Halloween costumes. She also keeps a diary and that´s been updated almost daily and is current.

The picture galleries are high resolution at 1600px and the only annoyance is that you have to click twice to see the full sized image. First you click the thumbnail (which is too small) and then you click a mid size picture. It´s an utterly pointless and annoying feature that makes browsing the image sets take longer than it should. Most have 40-75 images and I noticed that in some galleries they´re out of order. Go to the end and you´ll see a few pictures of her fully clothed along with all those where she´s naked or halfway there. Emily doesn´t get fully nude in her photo sets; she´ll take off her top but she teases us by covering her nipples with her hands or her arm. She doesn´t want to give it all away I guess.

Because Emily´s breasts are so large and all natural you know she´s not going to be the skinniest girl in the world; it would be physically impossible with G cups. That being said she´s surprisingly slim and trim for such an impressively large set of tits. She´s not at all fat; if anything she´s a little bit curvy but mostly she´s just a little bit bigger in certain areas to support all that extra flesh up top. You´ll get to see plenty of tit flesh from the young British model but don´t count on seeing her nipples. I didn´t have any trouble enjoying the content despite her seeming prudishness when it comes to her tits and I don´t imagine that you will either. She´s plenty friendly when it comes to showing off the rest of her body.

The best part of Emily´s Dream is her outfit selection. When a girl decides to go non nude then it´s up to her to amaze us with what she poses in because after a while it gets boring just to check out her tummy and the parts of her tits that she´s willing to show off. Emily has a great smile but we need entertainment! Thankfully she provides that with a myriad of hot outfits. My favorite is her French maid´s costume. She´s in the kitchen cleaning when she spots us and a sexy striptease and posing gallery unfolds. Of course it´s hot! There´s also a schoolgirl uniform, two sexy Halloween costumes, a cute pink satin ballerina´s outfit, lots of hot lingerie, a few cute teen outfits (tank top and shorts, etc) and a few bikinis.

In Emily´s videos she does her best to entertain us with her gorgeous body and by all accounts she does a damn fine job. She inherently knows what men are looking for in a busty babe and she delivers. Once again she´s posing in a variety of sexy costumes and she has a good sense of movement and how she can pose her body to best arouse us. It might seem like a simple thing but some women simply can´t do it. Some of the videos are just filmed versions of her photo shoots and prove to be incredibly boring but others show her getting involved and doing sexy dances are answering questions that users have submitted. Those were quite a bit of fun; it was a good opportunity to get to know the busty babe a little better.

The videos can be downloaded and they look great so you´ll be able to build a nice collection. If you check out the webcam archives you can download four more videos that are pretty hot, including one where she works a cowgirl look. I´m not sure if she´ll be doing more webcam shows in the future; the cam page has no information on her performances. There are three wallpapers featuring the busty cutie, a wishlist in case you want to send her some lingerie, a few free galleries from some of Emily´s friends and a store where you can buy her panties. That´s the full collection!

Croco’s Opinion

Emily´s Dream is home to a beautiful blonde British babe with huge natural tits and a relatively tight and sexy body. Her breasts are obviously the stars of the show as they´re enormous and still pretty perky. She doesn´t show them naked but will happily take off her top and simply lay her hands across the titties. Her photo galleries and videos show her posing in all kinds of sexy outfits including a French maid, a cowgirl, a nurse and a schoolgirl. There´s also lots of lingerie and cute looks. She´s a knockout and she´s posing naked for the pleasure of anyone that wants a look so we should all gather around and check out the gorgeous hottie.


The site is well designed and easy to use. The only flaw is the requirement of two clicks to see a full sized image.

Pricing Policy

$29.99 for the first 30 days and $24.99 for every 30 days after that.

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